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AIDS are a fast hardcore band out of Perth. The line-up on this recording features Rohan, Rhys, James and Simon. Recorded in March 2003.

1. Open Eyes
2. Screams Echo
3. Movement 3
4. Clock Face
5. Routine
6. Stunted Hours
7. Incision in Past Tense

Released June 2003 in a hand-stamped red fabric sleeve (100) and yellow envelopes (25). Check out their self-titled 7" out on Gash Records. Huge props to James Vinciguerra for his help with this release.



Severed Head of State is a hardcore punk band with members split between Austin, Texas & Portland, Oregon. Band members play in other bands such as World Burns To Death, J Church, Tragedy, Warcry, and Defiance. Their lyrics usually focus on deep detestation of both human nature and the Christian belief system. Their sound ranges from slow melodies to furious thrashcore. Vocalist Jack Control was stabbed in the mid-section late January 2006 with the blow just missing the heart by inches.


CODE 13 - Discography 1994-2000

This is one of the most brutal, revolutionary and independent bands ever. This cd is a complete discography, and even has a gay bonus track that was never released. If you have never heard of Code 13 they are fronted by Felix Havoc who founded Havoc Rex. If you have never heard of Havoc Rex then fuck you, because it is one of the most pioneering labels in the Hardcore/thrash/powerviolence section of music. Code 13 are now broken up, but this cd captures them at every stage in their existance. They play some hardcore, some thrash some of everything, and do it pretty goddamned good too. So check this cd out because you will get a taste of one of the most inspiring bands ever.




Thursday, August 23, 2007


this split are so fuckin good, both artist are sick, ,both artist played extreme fastcore,brutal powerviolence,grind whatever, they both from Czech Republic , thats all i know.
Lycantrophy have a female kickass vox and Say Why is fuckin good as fuck.
so..what are you waitin for!? try to listen to them or prepare to die..mothafuckin chaos is on your way.enjoy.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This is one of those records that ever since I heard it was in the works I have waited and waited for, chomping at the bit the entire time. NO COMMENT are very simply one of the very best thrash / power violence bands that ever played. They didn't release much stuff but what they did remains superior to almost everything out there. Just how good were they? Well consider this... their 7" on Slap A Ham is probably the best thing the label ever released. Yep, the greatest single release on the greatest single label. That, my friends, means NO COMMENT are brilliant! They play at an insane pace with an unrelenting amount of energy on every single song and yet in spite of that brain frying ferocity they still manage to create hooks and lay down a vibe that makes their tunes more identifiable than most power violence. If thrash were biology this would be the evolutionary result of the sub-speciation of bands like D.R.I. and NEGATIVE APPROACH. The record collects that afore mentioned SAH 7" as well as their other two eps and 22 live tracks including a KXLU show from 1993. Without question this is one of the most essential records for fans of the extreme to add to their collection.


Terrorizer - World Downfall (1989) AND

Finally a grind band that can play!
Seriously now, at that time most grindcore bands
were just shit, it was just the new level of extremety
that gave them all that attention.
Then came terorizer with this one off and just killed every
other band around!
With morbid angel`s Pete Sandoval delivering perfectly timed
hyperblasts and Jesse from Napalm death adding just great
aggro riffs this record is just as agressive as it can get!
The production is powerful with an edge, TIMELESS CLASSIC!



X Files X - Excruciation

Nihilism and Straight Edge go together like flies and shit - that's where XFilesX are coming from. For anyone out there who is tired of being bullshitted by marketable versions of hardcore music, and at the same time tired of the third reich of political correctness, your time has come. They live and play with a sincerity that can't be bought and can't be faked, hailing from New Bedford, MA, a town notorious for turning out the best hardcore outside Boston and violent young psychos. This is hardcore music, plain and simple, for people who are tired of being a target market. Fast, aggressive and unapolgetic - the music is primitive and brutally honest, and doesn't need buzzwords like "crucial" to hold it up like a crutch.

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1.Swallow Your Tongue
2.Head On A Stick
4.Murderin The Hog
5.Jesus Fish Out Of Water
7.I Hate What I Don't Understand
8.Odd Couple, The
9.Cozy Treat, A
10.Those Nails, How They Rust
11.Blast From The Past
14.I Wish I Was Worse
18.God Fearing
20.Put Your Money Where...
21.Falling Down
22.Wreck Yourself



Sunday, August 12, 2007

CROSSED OUT - Discography

Crossed Out is a first wave power violence band from Encinitas, California. They existed from early 1990 until late 1993. They played sixteen shows and released a demo, 7", split 7" with Man Is the Bastard, split 5" with Dropdead, and two songs for the Son of Blleeaauurrggh compilation. Numerous bands such as The Locust, Dropdead, Su19b and Iron Lung have covered songs originally performed by Crossed Out.

Drums - Tad Miller
Guitar - Scot Golia
Bass - Rich Hart
Voice - Dallas Van Kempen



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this record is fucking great.

Unholy Grave is a Grindcore band from Nagoya,japan. They got their name from the song "Beyond the Unholy Grave" by Death Their lyrics mainly focus on political and social issues. They are also known for being highly prolific.

CHICKENSHIT were a blurr-noise / HC band from Australia that recorded on Rupture's 4 track, so there's an obvious comparison in sound.
The live demo came out on a really dodgy tape label from NY.

BONUS: CHICKENSHIT / U.G. MAN - split 7" (H:G Fact)

CHICKENSHIT - "Live at The Castle, 15/3/95 Demo" (Your Not Normal)


courtesy: gamma693

COMPILATION [Italian hardcore '83 -'85]

Punk Territory Vol 7
[Italian Hardcore 1983-85]

RAW POWER (Tracks 1-3)
Formed at the beginning of 1982 when OFF LIMITS split up and in '83 produced a s/t cassette with 19 really sharp tracks, three of which are reproduced here. Originality is their strongest feature, as is obvious from the tracks chosen here.

THE WOPS (Tracks 4-7)
The Wops strike again with these 4 songs, half of their first and only cassette.

CRASH BOX (Tracks 8-11)
Their style could be described as influenced by the very best American hardcore, popular at the time, but enlivened with original and clever ideas and experimentation.

THE CLASS WAR (Tracks 12-14)

THE SKULLS (Tracks 15-16)
These 2 Sicilian groups represented a sense of passionate committment straight from the heart. What you will hear in these tracks is still pure Punk, though fairly restrained, with lyrics based on the experiences of life.

CRAPPING DOGS (Tracks 17-23)
Their stance was firmly libertarian, against all forms of militarism and they especially wanted to be uninfluenced by any kind of ideology from either inside or outside of the Punk movement. Their musical influences are quite clear in these tracks: form HC to classic Punk, from Reggae to New Wave.

RIOT (Track 24)


UART PUNK (Track 26)
The tracks by these 3 groups all have an anti-war theme. Riot remained almost completely unknown, Liberation Life made a demo-tape with seven tracks while Uart Punk, formed in '81, not only made the usual cassette, but also took part in the "...first real collective recorded document representing Italian Punk..."

50 Braccio (Track 27)
Their style was HC and hardly any changes of beat, but they were extremely well arranged, and considerable importance was given to the lyrics.

KOLLETTIVO (Tracks 28-30)
This is one of the most famous bands from Turin, although the recording is not very good, the words of the songs are excellent.

BLAXFEMA (Tracks 31-34)
This band is from Lombardy, and at the time some considered them to be one of the best groups to be found on the scene in Italy.

NOISENOISENOISE pn (Tracks 35-38)
They invented a rather unusual kind of punk, based on strident, though never cacophonous or unpleasant, guitar mixes. They were in fact a group with a creative and intelligent style who were never banal or insincere.

Full of violence and anger, this is one of the best songs from the self-produced cassette by this frenzied group.


Ps: tnx to TARINGA [zxunami]

Thursday, August 9, 2007

SPLATTERREAH – s/t 7" (1990 / Premature Entombment)

Noisy grindcore from Houston, TX. This record was recorded live, says on the inside that one of the kick drum mics didn't work. After an apology for the sound, they promised a split LP would be out soon. It never happened. The cover art is great, calling out Earache bands as sellouts, and the lyric sheet is full of shit talking. If it wasn't for the spoken bit at the front of the record, I'd have no idea what speed this record is supposed to be played at. It sounds good at both.


Cripple Bastards - Your Lies in Check

A classic grind album thats been sold out for almost a decade now.
This is the one people have been asking for, for years now and it's your chance to finally own a copy. This also features brand new mastering and artwork not featured on the original recording. Get this grindcore classic now before it's too late again.


DS-13 - trash and burn | for the kids not the business

DS-13 were a hardcore punk/thrashcore band hailing from Umeå, Sweden, formed around 1995. The band existed to 2002.


Vocals - Tom Terror
Bass - Christoffer "138" Jonsson (ETA, Bruce Banner, Imperial Leather)
Guitar - Jonas Lyxzén (Insurgent Kid)
Drums - André Sandström

trash and burn
for the kids not the business