Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Paride Calvia send me a link and asking me if its angry enough?!..hmm..I'm not sure if he's a member of this band. so i was curious, coz i'm clueless about CTHULHU YOUTH.but i know I heard this already but i can't remember when or where, so i need to search from the net to find out what kind of band CY is, and hell yeah, I found their official site (blogspot). CxYx is a four piece member from London.UK this album released in Holy Roar Records. the sound quality is so fucking great, 7 songs of  Ranging down tempo to blast beat..heavy as fuck brutal angry hardcore /grindcore/ noise. I don't want to mention powerviolence coz they hate calling them as one of those and yea they are right,they aren't influenced of some pv/grind band, but i can say this is the beast of all the beast. I enjoyed listening to this album and i'm so sure you either!. specially to "Global warming me" it will bleed your ears, blaha.. go get it or fuck it ..its up to you i just giving you a hint. fuckin' Recommended. ( thanx calvia for sharing this, i just use the link u send me, and for the question , yes it is fcukin angry sick-O to the bone.)


NOITUUS - Mögäten maailmanloppuun

Noituus is a Crust/Dbeat band from Turku,Finland they been around since 2005 and doing a lot of releases and split with other crust band, they been active playing . 6 song from this album, all songs written in finnish. kickass angry crustcore. if u like D-beat and crust, Noituus is teh beast.( thnx lumiko for sharing ur band) feel free to check them out at bandcamp.


Monday, May 30, 2011


Ok, bitches and twat,  I know you want more wicked, short and loud records, thats why you keep checking my blog, right?, i'll give you what you need, Here's Chest Pain. "Chest Pain" is Insane four piece power violence band from Austin,Texas. if u like Hatred Surge you might like this as hell. kickass record you need to put into your collectibles. 10 songs in less than 10mins. no shizzle my frizzle, you wont get bored to listen to this. totally sick-O  fast hardcore mainly influenced of Infest, Crossed out, No comment, and Siege. Recommended.


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This is a Re-post, I found Out the link is already expired and I didn't make a simple Review about Betercore. so Heres some shit about them..they play fucking powerviolence with dual crusty vocals with a hit of punk rock/ fast to the sick fucking core..this is Discography.. 29 songs, most of the song less than one minute, a collection of material from this ultra fast Dutch outfit, features members of Boycot and Vitamin X!. top notch band that you need to collect, srsly, this is one of my favorite record..cheers!


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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Released in 1998 for Grand theft Audio, 46 fuckin tracks of blistering ultra hardcore/thrash Assault straight from Australia. 30 songs plus 16 tracks recorded live at the now extinct Punters Club in Jan 1998.. awesome shit records u wont disappoint, this aren't discography some tracks not included from this released. fuck it or get it. worth the download.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

KOLYMA - No Salvation (Demo)

Kolyama is a brutal fastcore/crust from Copenhagen,Denmark ..6 songs of pure intense hardcore/thrash/crust, nice and easy to listen, the recording is not bad for a demo, the guitar riff, and breakdown are damn good. check their official website for the show schedule and records updates  KOLYAMA


SUFFERING LUNA - New Record Out Soon

Holy mother fuckingr shit, Suffering Luna is back...one of the pioneer in  LA powerviolence scene, since back in 90's they been around a decade and doing a lot of show and split with other beautiful brutal band such like, Dystopia, Gasp, Lack of Interest, Hellbastard, Stapled Shut..and a lot more ..SUFFERING LUNA is one of a kind band playing different style of hardcore music, it mix of dark psychedelic, thrash, crust, and noisecore, hard for me to distinguish the sounds, well, i can say its totally random, but hell yah, the beauty and the brutality still on it, this is fuckin' rule, no time for you to get you bored listening to it. the heavy chaotic slow down parts and the heavy guitar effects with a Scratchy parts is totally sick, plus the melodic rhythm and funky riff is a bonus..awesome harsh vocals is one of the finest I heard.  if you looking for a good shit band that playing different pathos of hardcore/grindcore music/noise. visit their official website  Suffering Luna don't forget hit them up, go to their show and support the band. highly Recommended.(thnx sean, your so nice cheers!)


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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

V/A - Thrashin' Victims Comp

This is from jamie moffat he send me an email for free comp he did.25 band of brutal hardcore to thrash to grindcore to powerviolence to fuckin noise and most of the band here, i already have so its time for u to take a look on it, just don't forget to say thnx at least to jamie :)  just visit his blog for track listing " Birds Out" enjoy.



Gripe send me their 8 song's demo that can feed us eargasm, to those people digging new band that playing brutal as fuck hardcore/grindcore, Gripe is worth to put into your hard drive.srsly brutal shit... to know more about gripe check their facebook and bandcamp for show and updates.( thank you for sending me your band, i really appreciate it)

more about gripe?,, im drunk right now, so i let em introduce theirselves. i took it from facebook.enjoy.
"Gripe are a 3 piece hardcore band heavily influenced by grindcore, powerviolence, and only the fastest 80's hardcore acts such as deep wound, siege, void, etc. They formed in late 2010 in Athens Ga, in stark contrast to the happy go lucky pop friendly scene at the time. Gripe play a very heavy, dark, and discordant take on hardcore. Their lyrics tend to focus on negativity and dystopian future concepts. They are known for their live show intensity".


Saturday, May 21, 2011


Fuckin brutal fastcore "OUR ROOTS" is a 3 piece thrashers from France, formed in summer 2009  they play fast paced, straight to the point brutal hardcore, I enjoyed listening to this album, the slow to fast parts, the sick blast beat, heavy as fuck guitar chugging and the recording is pretty damn good. awesome shit u need to put into your stereo. Allegory of the cave is their 3rd releases album, 5 tracks of different style of new skool brutal fastcore every song has their own beauty, don't forget to check other releses, srsly this is teh shit , recommended, powerviolence is back! (thanks laurent for sharing your band your awesome)don't forget to hit em here.. myspace, Neanderthal production


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is fuckin' sweet emoviolence/brutal fastcore, 8 song's of pure intense, breathtaking hardcore as fuck, short and loud, mothafucker, awesome released from 2000, but sadly this band already dead, so heres your chance to get this record. but if u get a chance to find an original copy don't hesitate to buy it. srsly this is good shit record u must own.

Here's some info about The Count, I just took from myspace. (The Count (R.I.P) was around from the end of 1999 to the beginning of 2001. In that time, we played 24 shows with an average of 2 a month. Our first show was at the PCH Club opening for !!! and our last show was at the Showcase Theatre opening up for the Locust. .. Members of the Count, have gone on to be in many other groups. Our Drummer Jeremy has gone on to be in The Wives(pre-No Age), Drunkdriver, Pigmy Shrews and Neon King Kong. Kevin Lee was in Cut and Color, and Silver Bullet Suicide(with Mars from the Fuse). John Ringhoff was in Living Science Foundation (with members of some other GSL kind of band...I think Sonny from the VSS). .. We recorded May 2000 with Rusty from Le Shok and Treadwell at his home in Long Beach. .. Short, Fast and Loud Issue No. 7 described us as "Indie Violence," which I think is a pretty good way to describe The Count)


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4 song's demo from Hermaphochrist, 4 piece member from Cleveland, Ohio. playing pissed-off hardcore/crustpunk. nice recording tho. visit them at Facebook for updates.(thnx josh for sharing your band)


Monday, May 16, 2011

ABSERDO - Sweet Baby Eagles Coop

Check this out, Ryan send me a free demo of his band. ABSERDO is a 5 piece band from Philadelphia,US. they play crossover /hardcore /thrash..5 tracks on it, guitar ripping is sick, double peds drums. this is awesome shit need to be heard, if u digging some technical hardcore/ thrash.  it worth to download. just visit them @ myspace for more updates. kthnxbye.


Indonesian powerviolence/thrash/punk "RELATIONSHIT". this is fucking harsh. 6 song's from this tape, the recording is fucking rough, one of the song damaged, maybe cause of ripping from a cassette tape,  but, hell yeah, if u collecting some good shit u must picked up this one.


I'm not lazy today, I checked the FUCK ON THE BEACH / RELATIONSHIT SPLIT and I found out already expired. so here it goes. re-up for you fucker.

No need description read the older post.(this way better than the cassette tape). enjoy


Words of appreciation!

Thank you so much to those thrasher/grinders keep sending their demos, you are so fucking sweet, keep up thrashing and fuck you all!.. sorry if you send me your band and I didn't post it, it doesn't mean  i don't like it, maybe your band doesn't fit here or I still got tons of old email need to check. you know, hard to maintain this blog by myself  hope you guys understand me..haha..thank you, you know who you are! cheers!

ABSOLUTIST - 'Blasphemy'(released 2011)

Good shit from Aberdeen, UK  "ABSOLUTIST"  is a 3 piece band playing pissed-off Hardcore punk/thrash, easy and good to listen. the recording is fucking clean. 5 song's of wicked shit. check them out for more tour updates and releases "facebook" (thnx shea for sharing your band) cheers!


Sunday, May 15, 2011


SICKTRIP from Lucerne, Switzerland 5 piece member, dual vocals , started way back 2009 and released their 1st demo. 6 fucking tracks of grindcore/hard fucking core/thrash, not bad for a demo. for more info and releases coming up, feel free to hit em up.    http://www.sicktrip.org/



Mighty morphin powerviolence "Ah-!!!" is a two piece, bass and drums powerviolence band from Bandung, Indonesia shared with German's "HILARY DEATH" a four piece band with a female vox, the recording is not  so nice, but fuck yeah, DIY mothafucker.13 tracks short and loud from "HD" and 2 tracks from "Ah-!!!.  enjoy!

Myspace: AH-!!! Powerviolence, Hilary Death


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This is a Sold out Chicago Powerviolence released.  "Sea of Shit" is a four piece band mainly influence to despise you, infest, man is the bastard, suppression, his hero is gone.3 songs of brutal sick, slow to fast, heavy as fucking shit hardcore. "Socially Retarded" is a five piece band, shared 5 songs here, same influence of SOS. both side are fucking sick, both band are awesome shit.check their site for more updates and releases.



Ok, here's some good shit I found somewhere, 13 wicked song's  in 7mins and half of pure intense, hard as fuck powerviolence/trashcore. Obacha is a 4 piece band from Squamish, BC, Canada under influenced of No Comment, Crossed Out, Apartment 213 and other beautiful PV/Grind in 90's. awesome shit u must own!,  new school band playing old skool type of powerviolence.. visit their site for more upcoming releases and show. "here

this link is the actual link they posted, its 13 tracks, no title, no cover and its mp4 format, but I feel good today so here's the title of the songs.(thats not the cover art of that demo, i just took it from the site) enjoy.

1. There's only denial
2. Neck in a noose
3. Socially Akward
4. Nameless
5. Not a chance
6. Grab a tinfoil hat (UMMM cover)
7. Just waste my life
8. Skate pit
9. Download this, fucker
10. Pity the fool
11. Get stoked
12. Fakes and ladders
13. Isolated State.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Its been ages since the last time I listen to emo, well if  I say Emo it mean the real deal. not the fucking false notion Emo spreading like deceased on mtv or in a market place, oh well, anyway. "Spectre Alone" is the real deal, emoviolence/skram. 5 tracks from this demo of brutal hardcore and of course some catchy instrumental parts. the vocals is goddamn good. nice to listen. if u digging some new school emotive hardcore that sound the good ole day emo band. Spectre Alone is the best for you. Recommended.

Check their site here for more show coming up and releases..tnx evan for sharing your band.



NARAYAMA is a four piece Brazilian style Powerviolence with dual vocals, awesome shit from these guys. 3 tracks written in English and the rest are Brazilian, the good thing theres a lyrics on it, no problem if u use translation..(hehe) 10 tracks of  sweet intense powerviolence/grindcore, the sound quality is not bad for a demo. check their myspace for more info, and new material coming out soon.cheers!