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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Paride Calvia send me a link and asking me if its angry enough?!..hmm..I'm not sure if he's a member of this band. so i was curious, coz i'm clueless about CTHULHU YOUTH.but i know I heard this already but i can't remember when or where, so i need to search from the net to find out what kind of band CY is, and hell yeah, I found their official site (blogspot). CxYx is a four piece member from London.UK this album released in Holy Roar Records. the sound quality is so fucking great, 7 songs of  Ranging down tempo to blast beat..heavy as fuck brutal angry hardcore /grindcore/ noise. I don't want to mention powerviolence coz they hate calling them as one of those and yea they are right,they aren't influenced of some pv/grind band, but i can say this is the beast of all the beast. I enjoyed listening to this album and i'm so sure you either!. specially to "Global warming me" it will bleed your ears, blaha.. go get it or fuck it ..its up to you i just giving you a hint. fuckin' Recommended. ( thanx calvia for sharing this, i just use the link u send me, and for the question , yes it is fcukin angry sick-O to the bone.)



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