Saturday, April 23, 2011

LAPSE - Demo 2011

Great Shit from LAPSE they released a free Download of their 5 tracks demo. Lapse  from Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC playing brutal fastcore/harsh hardcore.  if u looking hard as fuck hardcore Lapse is worth to download. just say thanx at least. kthnxbye.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Awesome shit from ben, member of Per Capita. "Per Capita" is a 5 piece brutal crust/angry hardcore band from munich, Germany. This is fucking brutal sick album. 11 tracks of intense hardcore, heavy as fuck, slow to fast blast beat and combining some catchy rhythm and grindcrust elements but more on brutal shit. plus a cover song from Dropdead. he send me a link and he said its ok to use it. so i just posted the actual link he send to me, this for a sample purposes only, if u like it, don't hesitate to buy an original copy. if you digging some brutal new skool band this is worth to collect. srsly recommended.

Feel Free to visit them to their myspace page for more, show coming up and releases. click"HERE"

Mediafire (if he disactivate this link its up to him)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Fucking sweet, mirce send his band first demo, and i found out fucking brutal sick, 6 tracks from this demo, slow to fast/short and loud chaotic hardcore, combining some crusty and thrashy feeling with a harsh vocal, this band can feed you eargasm. oh wait, they are from boise, Idaho. and they have split LP with hummingbird of death coming out. worth to check them out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Due to laziness, I forgot if i already posted final draft, and im fuckin lazy to dig older post. but i saw someone asking for reupload or broken link.. so here it goes.. fucking ultrasonic powerviolence.

WARWHORE - SAW SPLATTER (Self Released Demo)

Ok, bitches and twat heres WARWHORE Straight from california. 4 piece grinders can feed you a dose of grindgore. this is fuckin brutal sick mothafuckin cunt grindcore. feel free to hit them up at myspace for updates and show. (thanks juan for the email)

The Lärves demo!!!

Rikhard send me their demo 12 tracks of raw D-beat. The Larves start way back early 90's then broke up, after a long hiatus they decided to play again. mainly influenced and listening to Disclose, D-clone, Discard, Besthöven. if u love crust and D-beat worth to check it. visit them for more updates here

Friday, April 8, 2011


OBSESIF KOMPULSIF is a four piece band from jakarta, Indonesia. 5 tracks of awesome shit, brutal fastcore/powerviolence, some song written in indonesian, but fuck yea, great shit from them. SHAOLIN FINGER JABB is a four piece band from California. USA with female vox, both band are fuckin sick, worth to download!

Get the latest news and updates from OBSESIF KOMPULSIF and SHAOLIN FINGER JABB myspace.

DEPRESS - Eat,Sleep,Homecide (2010)

DEPRESS from Germany formed in december 2009, and released their 1st demo "Eat,Sleep,Homecide" last year november. a five piece band playing crust/grind to sludge/hardcore. nine tracks from this album, slow to fast heavy as fuck. thanks jan for sharing, your awesome!, for more info and show coming check their Myspace

Vandamme - 2011 Demo

here's some good shit from giacomo.. Vandamme is a fresh new band from Italy. sharing their 6 tracks from demo, awesome new skool band playing fast as fuck hardcore, the sound quality is pretty damn good for a demo. enjoy.