Friday, April 15, 2011


Awesome shit from ben, member of Per Capita. "Per Capita" is a 5 piece brutal crust/angry hardcore band from munich, Germany. This is fucking brutal sick album. 11 tracks of intense hardcore, heavy as fuck, slow to fast blast beat and combining some catchy rhythm and grindcrust elements but more on brutal shit. plus a cover song from Dropdead. he send me a link and he said its ok to use it. so i just posted the actual link he send to me, this for a sample purposes only, if u like it, don't hesitate to buy an original copy. if you digging some brutal new skool band this is worth to collect. srsly recommended.

Feel Free to visit them to their myspace page for more, show coming up and releases. click"HERE"

Mediafire (if he disactivate this link its up to him)

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