Thursday, May 26, 2011

SUFFERING LUNA - New Record Out Soon

Holy mother fuckingr shit, Suffering Luna is of the pioneer in  LA powerviolence scene, since back in 90's they been around a decade and doing a lot of show and split with other beautiful brutal band such like, Dystopia, Gasp, Lack of Interest, Hellbastard, Stapled Shut..and a lot more ..SUFFERING LUNA is one of a kind band playing different style of hardcore music, it mix of dark psychedelic, thrash, crust, and noisecore, hard for me to distinguish the sounds, well, i can say its totally random, but hell yah, the beauty and the brutality still on it, this is fuckin' rule, no time for you to get you bored listening to it. the heavy chaotic slow down parts and the heavy guitar effects with a Scratchy parts is totally sick, plus the melodic rhythm and funky riff is a bonus..awesome harsh vocals is one of the finest I heard.  if you looking for a good shit band that playing different pathos of hardcore/grindcore music/noise. visit their official website  Suffering Luna don't forget hit them up, go to their show and support the band. highly Recommended.(thnx sean, your so nice cheers!)


10th Anniversary (Women's Murder Club)

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