Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Ok, here's some good shit I found somewhere, 13 wicked song's  in 7mins and half of pure intense, hard as fuck powerviolence/trashcore. Obacha is a 4 piece band from Squamish, BC, Canada under influenced of No Comment, Crossed Out, Apartment 213 and other beautiful PV/Grind in 90's. awesome shit u must own!,  new school band playing old skool type of powerviolence.. visit their site for more upcoming releases and show. "here

this link is the actual link they posted, its 13 tracks, no title, no cover and its mp4 format, but I feel good today so here's the title of the songs.(thats not the cover art of that demo, i just took it from the site) enjoy.

1. There's only denial
2. Neck in a noose
3. Socially Akward
4. Nameless
5. Not a chance
6. Grab a tinfoil hat (UMMM cover)
7. Just waste my life
8. Skate pit
9. Download this, fucker
10. Pity the fool
11. Get stoked
12. Fakes and ladders
13. Isolated State.


  1. WOW! thanks for posting this and thanks for the kind words. No comment, crossed out and apartment 213 are my favorite bands! We're doing a split ep with Stillbirth (winnipeg) 7 new songs plus a NO COMMENT cover. Mosh.

  2. This band rips!! Just had the honor of playing with them when they came through Seattle!