Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Gripe send me their 8 song's demo that can feed us eargasm, to those people digging new band that playing brutal as fuck hardcore/grindcore, Gripe is worth to put into your hard drive.srsly brutal shit... to know more about gripe check their facebook and bandcamp for show and updates.( thank you for sending me your band, i really appreciate it)

more about gripe?,, im drunk right now, so i let em introduce theirselves. i took it from facebook.enjoy.
"Gripe are a 3 piece hardcore band heavily influenced by grindcore, powerviolence, and only the fastest 80's hardcore acts such as deep wound, siege, void, etc. They formed in late 2010 in Athens Ga, in stark contrast to the happy go lucky pop friendly scene at the time. Gripe play a very heavy, dark, and discordant take on hardcore. Their lyrics tend to focus on negativity and dystopian future concepts. They are known for their live show intensity".


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