Wednesday, November 21, 2007

HERO DISHONEST - Let Your Poison Scream

We sold our souls to the Devil in the '80s. Hero Dishonest has been together since 1999. We've recorded some pretty awesome shit, some crap and one demo. We've played in jazz bars, squats, basements and huge rock arenas... and we rocked them all. Like bad smell, line-up changes are inevitable. We've had our share, now continuing as a well oiled four piece. We exist to make noise, to have good time, to play sweaty shows, to kick and scream, to dance, to communicate, to arouse questions, to turn this bitter place into a bit more joyful, to record honest music, to meet insipiring people, to inspire people, to eat, sleep, fart and to go back on the stage again... We still feel this way and it's still heeps and shit loads of fun!!! (Except those sixhunderd and sixty six times when we had to fix the goddamn van.)
info from myspace.


Monday, November 5, 2007

VIVISICK - Landing to Brazil of Japanese Mother Fucker

Vivisick is a four piece Thrashcore punk band hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 1996 by bassist/vocalist Yuki and guitarist Sunao, Vivisick has become fairly prominent in their local scene but remains almost unheard of outside of Japan.


SPAZZ - Crush,Kill,Destroy

The final full-length release by this unholy trio from California. For those who have no idea, Spazz were the undisputed OG's of west coast powerviolence in the 1990's. They took the sound pioneered by bands like Crossed Out and No Comment and added a unique blend of self-referential humor to create a hilarious but brutal genre.

While most Powerviolence is an amlagamation of slow moshy-parts mixed with blastbeat insanity, Spazz's final studio album forgoes a lot of the slow parts and gets straight to the killing.