Friday, June 17, 2011

THE HOLLOWMEN - "Three Betrayals Toward Modern Man" (2011 Demo)

Another kickass band from Spain. victor sending me their 5 songs of heavy angry hardcore/thrash that can satisfied you and not to get you bored listening. Awesome newskool hardcore band can feed us what we really need..slow to fast mother fucker. more info?, I let them to introduce their selves.((The Hollowmen is a five headed band formed in 2010 in Tenerife, Canary Islands. The band is comprised of members of hardcore and metal bands from the Canary scene (we are current and formerly members of Wreckage (RIP), Good Fellaz, Pollution (RIP), Against All Hope and Dead Relic). We enjoy filling our songs with nihilistic visions of society, religion and politics (three betrayals toward modern man!), but also fighting an unholy war against Justin Bieber.)  I just took one of the download link that i think pretty fast than rapidshit. enjoy. dont forget to visit them here "soundcloud"



A 12 song's of Pissed-off hardcore/punk with a touch of melodic parts. Haulin'Asss is a five piece band from Piacenza, Italy, they been around since 1999 and still thrashin. this is their latest releases. check out their official site to get a new updates and releases. Haulin'ass. enjoy.

Mediafire( thats the actual link they send to me)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Pat sending me their band demo. "Grounds" is a four piece band from Baltimore,MD. five song on it. awesome heavy as fuck break-neck noise/grind/angry hardcore. i'm not sure if they're intention to record like the way it is. its like u listening to third world war sounds with a full blast grounded guitar/bass heavy shredding slow to blast beat..awesome sick-raw record. (thnx man for sharing ur band, cheers)