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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Genre:hardcore punk/crustcore
Album:In The War 7"
Label:DIY Or Die

BoD is a hardcore crust band from Isigawa, Japan. They were formed in 1989 and what makes them different from any other band is that they refuse to release any material on cd. Their stance is based on the belief that technology has taken over the world but has led to worldwide corruption and murder. Their lyrics deal with animal liberation, anti war and disarming of nuclear weapons, moreover, BoD are one of the few punk bands in Japan to get involved in activism and protests.



  1. this band is good the singer ryuji asada run/runned the diy record label,the thing is that he ripped off a lot of people from a lot of countries,im from mexico and he ripped me and 2 other persons from here

  2. Download this right the fuck now, a fucking excellent recording through and through. a must have for any fan of crustcore.

  3. Fantastic recording!

  4. to the kid who got ripped off: your stuff probably got stolen by your shitty courrupt mexican government

  5. Dear punk en Mexico, that sucks.. we should be able to trust each other, not give from ourselves and see nothing back! Profane Existence have been pretty honest with sending records.

  6. Yeah that true,Ryuji Asada never rip-off i just got my records from him last month 5/2012 and Battle Of Disarm still active till now...

  7. Hello everyone on here !
    I am looking for Ryuji Asada from Battle of disarm. We did a split LP together. We have a re edition of split LP. can you contact me over here or over the face book ?