Friday, September 7, 2007


Infest were considered by many to be a member of the power violence family of bands. Be they power violence or not, they were hardcore pioneers in that they played faster and angrier than most of the bands that preceded them. The Valencia quartet blended the ethos and song structure of straight edge hardcore, the anger of bands like Negative Approach and Negative FX, and the ferocity and speed of bands like Siege and Larm, creating a style sought by many yet captured by few. Vocalist, Joe Denunzio's lyrics commonly dealt with themes of conformity, war, scene politics and socio-political issues and were delivered with aggressive conviction.

so..I Drop this album to fullfill your noisy life, if you dont have this album, your life sucks!..haha.. so heres your chance to grab them, download now! , before its too late again.enjoy.



  1. thank you for this!

  2. yea thanks. please dont split my wig. HOU TX

  3. So where can download this now?