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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Arsedestroyer is the mother of all chaotic noisecore. Their selftitled MCD consists of 21 slabs of extreme, brutal, pulverising noisecore. It also includes a live recording from "Hardcore Holocaust" in Gothenburg, 940601.
Don't forget to check out their split-ep with Confusion, also released on Distortion records.

Abstain was a band playing a very fast and brutal kind of grindcore mixed with old school hardcore, call it power violence if you like. They released quite some things over the years of their existence and shared the stage with bands like Agathocles, Drop Dead, Arsedestroyer, Denak, Exhumed, Code 13, Destroy!, Comrades, Rotten Sound, Spazz, Capitalist Casualties, Phobia, Pig Destroyer and Extreme Noise Terror to name a few. They disbanded around 2000 after being to much on the road with each..

1. Foad (1:39)
2. Kenneth (RIP) (0:30)
3. TG's Lilla Kuk (0:39)
4. I Got Kas (2:14)
5. Strategies Of Complete Assholes (0:31)
6. This Record Is Not Compatible With The German 33/45 System (0:42)
7. Domar's Girlfriend (0:26)
8. Äckliga Jävla Syrsa (1:26)
9. Knut's Girlfriend Likes To Flash Beaver From Stage (0:24)
10. Boycott Mol (0:26)
11. Domar's Liver (RIP) (0:44)
12. TG Is Crying (But Not For Kenneth) (0:55)
13. Sodomizer (0:23)
14. Matte (RIP) (3:00)
15. Partypatte 31 Är (1:02)
16. We Actually Played 19 Songs But Nevermind (0:23)
17. These Aren't Really Songtitles Anyway (1:21)

1. Superiority Complex (1:14)
2. Mass Action (1:52)
3. Discriminating Nation (1:10)
4. Choke (0:59)
5. My Generation (1:27)
6. Our True Nature (1:27)
7. No Values (1:41)
8. Pseudoscience (1:21)
9. Self Infliction (1:56)
10. Why (1:28)
11. Mediawhore (1:20)
12. Burn Down The Mall (0:36)
13. Terrorizer (3:16)
14. Untitled (3:00)



  1. Thanks a bunch for this! Could you re-up:

    Combat Wounded Veteran

    Capitalist Casualties/Stack split

    One Eyed God Prophecy


    Magrudergrind discography in a different file sharing network, please (sharebee maybe or badongo)? Sorry if I sound demanding as hell. Those are just some really good releases that I'd really like to have. Thanks again for the great posts, keep it up!

  2. great blog dude. please please keep on going