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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ok guys i know most of my network already posted this band, the great Charles Bronson marked the powerviolence scene for long time and still kickin my ass everytime listening to them.. so here you go "YOUTH ATTACK" Their first and only LP. Easily their best release in my opinion, it's got everything that made them famous, ultra fast hardcore/powerviolence with a screechy singer full of angst, absurd prank calls at Tower Records and of course Charles Bronson samples. It still amazes me how they manage to smuggle in cool little melody fragments even into their wildest songs. Also, the song structures is a bit more complex than on their previous releases. this is fuckin Classic.



  1. sweet. I have the 10" "European Press" of this - it's getting a little grooved out at this point - was looking for a digital copy I could post to my blog. So, thanks. And thanks for the 15 counts post - Still wish I had picked up the LP when I had the chance to easily do so at a record store, ten or so years ago.
    I'll probably link you in my blogroll or whatever the fckn thing is called.

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