Monday, August 8, 2011

RATBOMB - Few Minutes Of Dirty Rage

This is fuckin' sick brutal angry grindcore/fastcore. the title of this demo is perfectly fit for this shit. call it nasty if u want. but this shit gives me eargasm, first time i listen to this demo i can't stop myself raping the repeat button. 3 songs of short and loud motherfuckin blast beat of brutal as fuck dual vocals. the recording is good as fuck. perfect if u digging grindcore this shit perfectly fit yo, srsly awesome shit u must own. don't forget to hit em up at Reverbnation, myspace for updates.(thnx david for sharing your band)

thank you..

I"m sorry for the delay posting. just keep sending me your band if u want to be posted. just don't forget to make your own website or band contacts so everyone can check you out. i'm accepting flyers for a show,  tour dates, new releases, any useful u think can help your band just email me and ill give my best shot to helping u out. and one more thing mediafire is pretty damn good any other uploader, no hustle waiting easy to use and fast download. kthnxbye.


Derek send me their band Demo. Graves from boston playing fucked up fast hardcore/powerviolence with a hit of  noise/grind and additional of thrashy parts on every song. this demo is teh shit, 7 songs less than 6 mins fuckin' loud and holy wicked shit. freshly made by the band the recording is pretty damn good for a demo. small files but worth to check it. visit them to their band site (Graves). kthanxbye.


Friday, August 5, 2011


PxBxS stand for pipe bomb suppository a four piece band from Orange county,California playin' a low profile hardcore/grind/powerviolence yo!.. 7 songs in 6 minutes wicked shit fastcore plus throaty crust vox, slow down tempo to blast beat. awesome shit u must own. check their facebook to be updated. (thnx josh to let me share ur band. keep up thrashin.)

Mediafire ( this is the link of the demo they posted)