Sunday, June 10, 2012


fuck, almost half a year since the last time I update my music blog and it's funny to see a haters leave their comments. but its so nice to see a comments of appreciation, who appreciate my work. and for the record i'll try to upload more records as soon as i can. i got tons of new good shit records need to post honestly i'm soo fucked up lazy, sorry.


  1. New good shit ? Get to posting then, been a long long time !

  2. Hey dude! glad to hear that you're still running it, great news. If you find a couple of minutes (literally), take a look at our demo/ep/promo/download/whatever-the-fuck, we're playing nasty grind and we like to share it with people, would be awesome to get it posted on your blog.

  3. Check us out man Malicious Dismemberment from pittsburg california We play hardcorepunk/powerviolence Check us out on bandcamp!

  4. Dears,

    Please help us spread our musique, cheers!


  5. This blog rules the entire undeground.

    Please check our site:

    we have new bands, projects and some strange stuff.
    . We actually want to ignite a noise/crust scene in Argentina.

    well, that's all!
    Chainfuck Recs

  6. Great blog!

    You're one of the greatest representatives of the underground!

    Continue this amazing blog!

    Thanks from Brazil!

  7. Hi man! My name is Paulo and I have this noisy band from Brasil, I'd very glad if you could share it in your blog,

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