Thursday, May 29, 2008


From the land of malaysia "Banzai 606" was formed in early 2001 consisting of 4 members Anip Grinding storm drummer,Pat Bass-tard+Backup abuser,Bujal 6String guitar shredding,Hisham throat thrower... Banzai 606 was kicked off as a serious band that are inspired by some fast/grind/hatecore bands like a Cripple Bastard, Parkinson, Gride, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Nasum, and so on...


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  1. Myk-O,

    Hi & greeting from Malaysia. Thanks coz' uploading Banzai 606 into yr site and this will help people to get to hear the quite obscured band like Banzai 606. I was the vocalist of this band, but what's included in 'Bagero' isn't my voice. I was only held for the vocals duty during the live performance. We planned to record the 3rd release, but it doesn't went well so far. Hope things will be okay and we'll be able to continue our plan soon.