Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hailing from Sunnyvale,Godstomper are noise musicians who support lo-fi audio , do it yourself recordings and anti rockstar, popularity,political and religious attitude. Starting in 1991 Two man grind played Bass And Drums with abandon and an almost carefree whimsy.
(in a brutal,rip-off-your-head-and-shove-it-down -your-esophagus kinda way). It's obvious their music is pretty much a piss take but that is part of the charm. Plus it is heavy as hell, bash and crash, crunch and grind...

On other hand That has some good and bad points. The good is that the raging bass and blistering drums are right in your face with all the rawness intact but none of the muddiness found on their other stuff. The bad is that with the new found clarity some of the limitations of only having two instruments (plus vox) are painfully obvious. In spite of the noisy, finger frying fret work of the bass and the double bass machine gun of the drums the sound is sometimes thin.


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  1. hay this only has tracks 101 to 125can u up load the rest or fix it or whatever