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Thursday, May 29, 2008


all female can do fast aggressive hardcore,thrashin and punchin in front on your face,this is fuckin kickass band from philippines...more info??

They're just your typical group trying to overcome fear on stage and give you a 15- minute in your face hardcore. From four different life perspectives and music influences, Choke Cocoi's attempts on their songs were personal, mean and sometimes irrelevant. From the ashes of UOM, Choke Cocoi was formed in 1999. Members Tweety, Odessa, Qt and Joy started off with lame attempts of covering bands from riot girl to punk to old school to totally inappropriate. Circumstances conspired to prevent them from performing: work, pregnancy, heartbreaks, insecurities, school and the agony of getting out of the bed. The band finally had the balls of making their own songs in year 2004 but Joi (original vocalist) was too busy on her career they had to look for replacement. When they heard Sheryl sing for a punk band, they knew she's the one they're looking for. Next stop, testicle-wringing breast-punching geeks onstage. ...


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