Friday, June 13, 2008


This is the complete CD made by ASTERISK* the mighty trio Swedish Grindcore /noise /experimental included are the 23-song Dogma I: Death of a Dromologist LP, eight songs from a split 7" with Nasum, five songs from a split 10" with Jenny Piccolo, and three more songs from a Swedish grindcore compilation, plus a Queen cover recorded for the three one G tribute compilation Dynamite With a Laserbeam. ASTERISK* proves here that the grindcore genre can be done with a great things if you combine something different hits not only focusing in one direction of oldskool grindcore style. Another interesting things about this band their excelent guitar works with such unexpected touches as piano and music box interlude, techno beats, fretboard angularity, and electronic noise passages. also, listening to "Ogre Battle" by The Queen, 70's hard rock riffing is perfectly done with no mistake.. awesome harshest high-pitched vocals I ever heard, and the cover art made by jon chang of discordance axis.. if you dig something different Swidish Grind/ noise this record is 100% complete package of goodshit.. highly recommended.


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