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Friday, June 20, 2008


Im having a hardtimes to get this records. i try to email to order a copy of this from a distro but no reply after all.. maybe its time for you to help me out of this..will you? to those people have a copy of this and willing to share it with me, i will be glad from the buttom of my butthole..hehe.just kidding. i just want to hear something from these guys. "DYSTROPHY, CHAROGNE STONE, CHAINSAW TO THE FACE, DIE! , I QUIT , AND TOTAL FURY". i got tons of list need to check but i guess thats enough for now..hehe. thnx in advance. ^_^


  1. I can help you out with a Chainsaw To The Face demo. I planned on getting some copies of their 10" for the shop, but I don't have the funds yet. Since the demo is out of print and shit, I'll ask the band if I can host it for them.

    I'll let you know when it's up!


  2. oh shit,sweet thnx.
    i added your link as well.

  3. Hey dude - great blog.

    I have Die! - I Hope you Die.

    I'm just uploading it onto rapidshit atm. Be up soon.

  4. Link to Die! - I Hope You Die



  5. i have CTTF split with hummingbird of death, the split with spoonful of vicodin, and the both demo's, i have 2 releases from Charogne Stone as well, I have a lot of powerviolence and grindcore i'd be glad to share with you

    email address is

    get ahold of me there and ill be glad to share