Friday, June 13, 2008


Ok its time for you guys to help me out of this shit..i need a copy of a full split or maybe willing to sell it their copy in a reasonable fair price..haha... i got this from my friend but without NO COMPLY side.. bullshit is'nt it? i just want to hear the NO COMPLY side, i heard they're back from dead with a bass and drums ala godstomper, i just want to find out if they still good in a two piece shit.. i hope anyone of you have this copy (praying)...haha.


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  1. Helo friend, this is Justin from NoComply, I saw the XBRAINIAX split without NoComply? That's fucking weird??? I still have at least 250 to 300 copies, just send me an address & I'll send you a CD demo of it & a copy of the XBX split with both sides. Just send like $3 bux or so to cover shipping & the vinyl & I'll send you the rcord & CD. It's funny, I'd be willing to trade you something for the record you have without our music on the side, is it just blank vinyl, like no grooves? Funny & weird shit, anyways, yes, NC came back from the dead & did some bass & drum shit again & it came out pretty badass. We're actually on a LP V/A called 4 Bands To Drain A Pool as well, that has some sick unreleased stuff on it. Try to get that as well, it came out around the same time as the XBX/NC split. All righty, this comment is way too long, but I couldn't help but comment on it & hook you up with a properly pressed XBX/NC split. Hit me up at or go to NoComply's myspace pg. at - thanks for supporting NC & look forward to hearing back from you, JustiNoComply-