Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BxUxSxH - New American Century

B.U.S.H. stand for "Buy Us Some Heroin" started in 2004 a four piece punkers from Sao paolo, Brazil featuring members from I SHOT CYRUS and other great band from brazil. BxUxSxH kick-down some WASTED YOUTH/JxFxA inspired '82 hardcore punk, mixed with 60's garage rock riffs and late 70's (post) punk influences. this LP Contains 21 tracks of perfect blend of rawness with a hit of new school agressive thrashcore influence. great record i must say. released on 625 Thrash well known for putting finest thrash all the way from the start.. so if you see these records from your local DIY distro dont forget to pick this up..cheers!


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