Monday, June 9, 2008


ok,here you go bitches and germs, this are not the NAUSEA's Of the U.S. Of A. (the Grindcore Or the Crust) this is a japanese band also carrying a name "Nausea" i got this Demo from the dude member of MAGNICIDE.. i dont have any idea about this band, and he told me that the fuckin harsh Vox is Takaho from UNHOLY GRAVE. (Takaho old band before he went to unholy grave).. 4 killer tracks from this demo, awesome & rare shit.

Nausea (japan)


Ok heres the bonus from "MAGNICIDE" 2 songs taken from split 7"ep out soon under US label.. if you still dont know them,their from Singapore,they play fast as shit Grindcore brutal to the fuckin fuck. Great band visit them on myspace. Here!


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  1. as far as i know Nausea were only on 3 comps - 1984 the Fourth, Must Get to the Power of the Defense For..(on MCR) and Sold Out Flexis (which has the Must Get...comp with other flexis and bonus tracks). Thanks for sharing!!!