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Monday, June 9, 2008


ok, i dont need to put a description about AGx for being well known belgian mince core since 1985. so, lets talk about NOISEBAZOOKA. hailing from vienna, Austria. A two piece band play acid/grind/ noisecore, Almir responsibilities are; guitar works,noise,and drum technics, and the other guy Salmi generate a full throat thrower ,words and programmer, NOISEBAZOOKA was defined as a mixture between acid, grindcore and noisecore with strong influences from AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, DISCORDANCE AXIS, MAGRUDERGRIND, BLOCKHEADS, NASUM,YACØPSÆ and many more.This Split contains 2 live tracks from AGx and Noisebazooka kicks 11 tracks of killer crusher drum machine,brutally fuckin noise with a touch of acid, every single tracks have their own beauties that you wont get bored. just listen and if you like it, buy it, its worth it. enjoi!


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