Monday, June 30, 2008

You Failed!

fail SAY: What a poser, this jerkoff is uploading the records on sites that pay the uploader for each download.

I just want to clear this to you shithead, i dont want to be rude but fuck off! , i do fuckin pay my internet, electric bills, i buy CD and vinyl with my own expenses.. so what if i upload files to that uploader, any problem regarding that shit? and ForYourInformation its fuckin free, you can grab my files 100% free, and i only get 000.1 per album Downloads, is that a bigdeal for you? to help me a half cent?.. and not even taken to your shitty pocket, oh come on, if you reading a fanzine it cost a damage for print. if you use I-tunes and other bullshit company it cost 1-2 dollars per song.. am i right?.. so now tell me if i used my blog as a milking cow? .and oh BTW i only uploaded 9 files over 100 of my shit.. now, am i poser?, and yeah Im a jerk co'z i buy records and share it what i've got. I create this blog for the kids out there, hook too much to MTV and other phony generic music.

for the record, you have a choice, man. if you dont like my shit feel free to leave.. i dont force people to download all my files. anyway its not obligation to download, if you dont like it, just leave it. period.


  1. some people got problems - if the d/l is free of charge for your visitors what´s the fucking problem?
    oh, you get some money...big deal! I´m sure that money covers your flatrate, the time you invest and is enough to enable you to get all records you want and pays your rent and food!

    just curious - which filesharing host
    are you talking about?

  2. thanks for sharing, I'm one of the kids interested in grind/crust

  3. Forget that guy. it's because of blogs like this that I can recieve and share excellent bands with my friends.

    i appreciate all this, you do good work.