Thursday, June 19, 2008


GxHx is the most influencial hardcore band in russia, if im not mistaken they are the first fastcore/thrash band and started the hardcore scene in moscow (correct me if im wrong..hehe). GxHx strongly influenced by DRI, SPAZZ, WHN? and some other japanese thrash band with a touch of powerviolence. they got 2 demo tape, split with Conga fury, split EP with Rob halford and features some compilations.. but it sad to say this the only released i have. If you have the other materials from these guys and willing to share it.. i really appreciate it. and if i really need to say please, yes fucking please! ..haha.



  1. I was curious about this band since I read the review of their demo in MOSH OF ASS. but as the given e-mail couldn´t be reached anymore I didn´t hear anything from them till now.

  2. the first time i read their reviews from indonesian fanzine way back 2003 and nothing more.

  3. well, I might scan and upload all my SHORT, FAST & LOUD zines then you can read the review yourself!

  4. whoa,it would be nice papst thnx.

  5. hi man, excelent blog, goob music
    have problem for download from divshare,
    can you upload for other server.?

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  7. is porn the only winner during credit crunch?

    kelly divine

    GxHx/Conga Fury split
    GxHx - We Are The Youth